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City of Glasgow

I'm getting on a bit I suppose, and have been interested in radio for over 40 years. Due to life decisions I decided against becoming an amateur way back in the late 1970's as work took precedence over my hobby. I knew someday I would come back to it and thanks to the Renfrew Amateur Radio Society I am now a foundation licence holder.
I use a Yaesu ft 897 radio it's my shack in a box type radio well it does me I use various antennas including the Antron 99 10 meter band antenna a 40m loop, a home brew windom and a triband colinear for 6m, 2m and 70cms.

Think I'm starting an antenna farm.
Absolutely loving amateur radio not too sure about some of the lingo or the common practices in use but I'll get there having a good laugh along the way, might even manage a conversation out of some.

I have included my locator: IO85AW for those that know what they can do with them.
For me a callsign and handle is good enough.
Also included my Worked All Britain square: NS77 again for those that use this stuff.
For everyone else I'm in Paisley about 6 miles from Glasgow here in Scotland, the northern part of the United Kingdom.

 Thanks for taking the time to look me up if it was just out of curiosity, next time give me a call on radio.